Professional photographer shooting models in the New York (NYC) area. We are building our network of designers and models so we can pull people together to create amazing things. If you are ready to jump into the fashion industry as a model and need photos for your lookbook, hit us up! Let's work together to build out your persona + lookbook.

We are building our portfolio to have a certain vibe and looking for models who has this vibe. What we are aiming for is a combination of the Tom Ford high class, sexy vibe for the American Eagle target audience with an Abercrombie twist (the original Abercrombiesexiness, NOT the Abercrombie of today). We want to bring sexy back and bring it back in a big way!

- Silpixia Models

Only working with the best models!

text: +1.646.357.4996 | email: : instagram: @SilpixiaModels