On Location Portraits

Photos by Robert

Photography is my passion and I want to share it with you! I started many years ago by photographing family and friends, practice, practice and more practice. Since I have a lot of family, I got plenty of practice! People who see my work always encouraged me to continue chasing my passion, photography. And now, I decided to make that happen!


A Little About Silpixia

Silpixia is a word that combines my love for old style photography and new modern day photographic technology. 'Sil' is the first three letters of silver, photography was originally a silver based process. 'Pixia' is taken from the fact that digital photography images are made up of pixels. I took these two elements, one from the past and one from the present to create an elegant brand I call Silpixia.


A Little About Me, Robert

Many years ago, my parents gave me a boom box for my birthday. I didn't have much use for a boom box, so I returned it and traded it in for my first SLR camera. Back then, I took my SLR camera to the zoo where the animals served as my first models. I learned to be patient photographing animals, but I also learned to anticipate their movement and positioning. I was able to see where they are going to be before they got there, so I can position myself to capture that perfect moment. Photographing those animals at the zoo set me up with the right skill set to photograph my nieces and nephews. They, like the zoo animals, have a mind of their own and they will run around and pay no attention to you or their parents. Kids will be kids. But photographing kids is not much different than photographing those zoo animals, I found that I was able to foresee where they will be, so I can position myself in the right spot to capture that emotionally perfect image. 

If you have little zoo animals of your own and want to get amazing photographs of them in their natural habitat, let's set up a photoshoot.


A Little About On Location Photoshoots

I enjoy working with natural light, so I like to set up on location photoshoots. As you can see from my portfolio, I shoot on the beach, in parks and on the streets of any big city. Photos of kids in natural lighting is always pleasing to the eye because when you walk down the street, when you walk through the park or when you walk along the beach, you are seeing kids under natural light. It's something that you recognize naturally. This is why I like to photograph in natural light, I like to capture images of kids in the light that is naturally pleasing to everyone. 

My favorite studio is outside in the real world. I love photographing in the park because there is a lot of space for kids to run around in their natural habitat. And the beauty of it is, there is plenty of natural light, which serves an amazing photography studio. Enough room for kids to run till their hearts content (or till they burn off their energy) and ample natural light to capture beautiful images of them as they do their thing.


A Little About The Three Cities

I originally grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area [CA]. I have recently expanded my presence to the east coast of the United States. Not a relocation, but an expansion to the east coast. Which means I am bi-coastal, having a space in San Francisco [CA] and a space in North Bergen [NJ]. When I am on the east coast in North Bergen, I am only 25 minutes outside of New York City. This is why I list New York City, North Bergen and San Francisco as my location. When scheduling a photoshoot, we will meet at one of the key parks in one of the cities.