I want to set up a photoshoot, what do I have to do?

It's easy, here are step by step instructions (in much more detail) so you can set up a photoshoot:

  1. Look at the different packages on the pricing page and select a package that you are interested in.
  2. Fill out the form on the contact page, and submit your information. Include a message of anything you feel is important for me to know.
  3. I will call to discuss details and talk through which location is best for us to do the photoshoot.
  4. After our conversation, I will email you the details we agreed on [including the date, time and location of the shoot, etc.]
  5. During the morning of the shoot, I will email & text you a reminder.
  6. When we meet at the location, we will spend the first 15 minutes to discuss the shoot and what works best for your kid(s).
  7. Right after the shoot, I transfer all the images onto a USB drive [for you to keep].

That's it! I designed this to be simple and you get every single amazing image that was shot during the photo session. You have all the rights to use the images for what you need and do not need written permission from me. This is a part of our agreement for doing the photoshoot.

When do I get the USB drive of all the images from the photoshoot?

You get the USB drive right after the photoshoot. I will have my laptop and accessories to transfer the images from my camera over to a USB drive immediately after the photo session. You do not even have to bring your own USB drive, I will give you a USB drive with every single image that was shot during our session. And the USB drive is for you to keep, you do not need to give it back to me or send it back to  me.

Do you take credit cards?

Yes, I use Square, so I can take credit card payments. For your convenience, I also accept PayPal, Venmo or even cash. We will take care of the payment right after we finish up the photo session. It only takes a moment, so we can process that pretty quick.

What do I need to do to prepare for the photoshoot?

To get the most out of our photoshoot, here are a few things you need to know:

  1. Pick an outfit for your kid(s) that is timeless. It doesn't have to be dressy unless you want it to be. Pick something that your son or daughter is comfortable wearing. As a matter of fact, dress them in their favorite outfit.
  2. Bring an extra outfit just in case. Pick something that they are comfortable wearing and looks timeless. An example is to have a classic dress for your daughter or a nice clean polo with khakis and nice casual shoes. If you have multiple kids, match their outfits, it will always look nice if your kids match.
  3. If you have younger kids, bring some of their favorite toys. I would recommend to bring only their favorite 3 toys. We will use these to help get their attention.
  4. List out things your child or children enjoy(s). We will use this list to come up with ideas for the shoot to create a scene that your kid(s) can walk through so we can take natural candids. These are the best photos which you will appreciate for your entire life.

Do I get every single image from the photoshoot? Every single image??

Yes, after the photoshoot, I will give you a USB drive with every single image from the photoshoot. Each package has a certain number of images, so look over the details of the pricing page and select the package you want. Most of the time, I will shoot more than the listed number of images, but I will guarantee that I will shoot at least the number of images which noted as a part of the package.

What can I do with the images?

You have my permission to use the images for whatever you want. You can print them out, you can post them on twitter, facebook, instagram, etc. You can email them to your friends and family. You can copy them onto your computer and external harddrive. You can copy them onto another USB and mail it to your family around the world. Bottomline, you have my permission to do whatever you want with the image.

Can I get large prints of the images from the photoshoot?

Yes you can, you can print out the images and you have my permission to do so. You can get 4x6 prints, you can get 8x10 prints or any other size for that matter. You can print out the images to your hearts content. You can create print  sets and send them to the kids' grandparents as gifts. Again, you have my permission to print them out as many time as you want, so print away!

What if I want to do a shoot in the studio?

There are plenty of photographers who do studio portraits, so you can reach out to them. I do not offer studio portraits. I only offer location photo sessions. I love photographing on location and I love to use natural lighting. Also, I love to allow kids to be kids and run around, this is where they are most comfortable and most content, and putting them in this situation will allow me to capture their personalities in the images which you will cherish forever.

What are some locations where we would do a photoshoot? 

I have my favorite parks in each of these cities; for each of the parks, I know the best area that has the most amazing backdrop to capture beautiful timeless images of your kid(s) which you will be proud to share with your family and friends. 

New York City, NY

North Bergen, NJ

  • James J Braddock North Hudson County Park [link]

San Francisco, CA

  • Golden Gate Park [link]

Once we agree on which park to do the photoshoot, I will send a link to the exact spot in the park where we meet. I have done this many times, so I know spots which is easy to get to, where I can meet your family and we will take a short stroll to where we will do the photoshoot.

Also, I am absolutely open to other parks in these cities, so do not hesitate to suggest a park which you are interested in doing the photoshoot. Just like what I noted above, once we agree on the park, we will determine where the best spot in the park to meet. Then once we have everyone there, we will find the best backdrop to photograph.